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How Does Contingency Contract Work Arknights

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Publicado em 4 jul 2023

Contingency Contract is a popular mode in the mobile strategy game, Arknights. It enables players to test their tactical skills by challenging their team compositions and adapting to unpredictable scenarios.

But how does Contingency Contract work in Arknights? Let`s dive in.

Contingency Contract is a limited-time event in Arknights, where players can earn rewards by completing specific tasks. These tasks are divided into risk levels, with higher risks offering better rewards. Each risk level has its set of modifiers that make the challenge more difficult.

The modifiers can range from reducing the player`s deployment limit to increasing the enemies` health and damage output. Players must adjust their team compositions and strategies accordingly to overcome the obstacles presented by the modifiers.

To participate in Contingency Contract, players must have cleared Chapter 3-1 of the main storyline and reached level 50. After accomplishing these requirements, players can access the event through the Event tab.

The event features a map with multiple lanes, each with its own set of risks and modifiers. Players can select the lane they wish to challenge and adjust the modifiers to their liking. They can also switch between lanes at any time, making it easier to find the best risk-reward ratio.

To complete the tasks, players must deploy Operators to the lanes and survive waves of enemies. Each wave can have different enemy types, making it crucial to have a balanced team composition that can handle multiple situations.

Players can earn rewards such as LMD, EXP, and rare materials by completing the tasks. However, there is also a score system that rewards players for their performance. The higher the score, the better the rewards.

In summary, Contingency Contract is a challenging event in Arknights that tests players` tactical skills. It features multiple lanes, each with its set of risks and modifiers. Players must adjust their team compositions and strategies accordingly to complete the tasks and earn rewards. It`s an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their skills and earn valuable resources for their teams.