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Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support Drishti Ias

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Publicado em 30 jun 2023

Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support: What You Need to Know About the DRISHTI IAS Deal

The recent agreement on reciprocal logistics support between India and the United States has been making headlines in both countries. The agreement, known as the DRISHTI IAS, is expected to enhance the strategic partnership between the two nations. Here’s what you need to know about the DRISHTI IAS deal.


DRISHTI IAS stands for Defense Research and Innovation Shared Technical Information Exchange. It is a bilateral agreement between India and the United States that provides for reciprocal logistics support, including refueling, replenishment, and repair of aircraft, ships, and land-based vehicles.

The agreement was signed by the two countries in October 2020 during the third India-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue. The aim of the agreement is to enhance military interoperability and cooperation between the two nations.

What are the benefits of DRISHTI IAS?

The DRISHTI IAS agreement strengthens the strategic partnership between India and the United States and enhances their ability to work together in the Indo-Pacific region. It provides for quick and efficient logistics support to both countries’ military forces, which is critical during times of crisis or conflict.

The agreement also opens up new opportunities for defense cooperation, joint military exercises, and technology sharing between India and the United States. It is expected to help India modernize its military and improve its defense capabilities.

What are the challenges of DRISHTI IAS?

The DRISHTI IAS agreement faces several challenges. One of the main challenges is the complex bureaucracy and red tape that both countries need to navigate to implement the agreement. This includes obtaining necessary clearances and permissions from various government agencies and departments.

Another challenge is the potential backlash from China, which views the agreement as an attempt by India and the United States to contain its growing influence in the region. China has already expressed its concern over the agreement, claiming that it undermines regional stability and peace.


The DRISHTI IAS agreement is a significant development in the India-US strategic partnership. It represents a step forward in their defense cooperation and enhances their ability to work together in the Indo-Pacific region. However, implementing the agreement will require overcoming several challenges, including navigating complex bureaucracy and managing China’s opposition.

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